Open Space

Open Space Penn Wynne is blessed with three stunning township parks and several other green spaces that make it easy for residents to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. The commitment of our community to open space preservation has been recognized by numerous awards, but the beauty of our parks and green spaces speak for themselves.






Penn Wynne Playground os-1 Penn Wynne Playground is a ten-acre park on Manoa Road along the banks of Indian Creek that was created in 1958. The park has two playground areas, four tennis courts, a comfort station, a picnic area and a basketball court. Wooded areas are approved for on-leash dog walking. The baseball diamond and playing fields are used extensively by Lower Merion’s Little League and Soccer Club.



Wynnewood Valley Park os-2 Wynnewood Valley Park on Remington Road has two playground areas, two tennis courts, a comfort station and a basketball court in addition to walking trails through the woods and along the stream. The park’s complex ecology attracts a wide variety of wildlife, and serves as pastoral oasis for neighbors from miles around. The park is home to the Lower Merion Sensory Garden (see below) and hosts Penn Wynne’s Earth Day celebration and Summer Hummer concert series.


Garden For The Blind os-3 The Garden for the Blind was originally created in Wynnewood Valley Park in 1978 to benefit students of the nearby Overbrook School for the Blind. In 2011, the garden was extensively redesigned in partnership with Lower Merion Township, the Lower Merion Conservancy and Ardmore Rotary and reopened as the Lower Merion Sensory Garden. This installation was recently recognized with the Community Greening Award from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.



Powder Mill Park os-4 Powder Mill Park, at the intersection of Powder Mill Lane and Remington Road in Haverford Township, is a picturesque destination on the banks of Cobb’s Creek. In addition to a playground, basketball court and lots of open field space, the park is the starting point for a scenic hiking trail along the creek that stretches to Johnson Road.




Penn Wynne Elementary School os-5 Penn Wynne Elementary School was founded in 1930. The Philadelphia Eagles used the grounds of PWES for practice throughout the 1940s. The campus provides considerable open space for the surrounding neighborhood, and a variety of amenities, including a playground, a baseball diamond, two basketball courts and extensive field space.




Carroll Park os-6 Carroll Park is a charming neighborhood pocket park on the border of Lower Merion and Haverford Townships. There is a walking path that begins in the back corner of the park following the ridgeline above Cobbs Creek, which affords access to the undeveloped public land between the creek and the Norristown High Speed Line.




Drayton Drainage Basin os-7 In addition to its vital role in managing Indian Creek storm water for the Penn Wynne neighborhood, the Drayton drainage basin serves as habitat for diverse species of songbirds, waterfowl and wetlands creatures.





Rosedale Triangle os-8 The Rosedale triangle was reimagined as a community flower garden by Penn Wynne residents Dana Axelrod and Margie Levinthal in the spring of 2007. The triangle has become a source of pride for the neighborhood and an inspiration for greening efforts throughout the township and surrounding areas. Dana and Margie have received several awards for their efforts, including Lower Merion Township’s 2013 “Go for the Green” award.




Andover Triangle os-9 The Andover triangle was landscaped in 2008 to serve as part of the setting for the M. Night Shyamalan movie “The Happening.”