Next Board Meeting December 1st

The next board meeting will be Thursday, December 1st at 7:30pm in the meeting room of the Penn Wynne Library. All are welcome!

John Duffy, an experienced local real estate agent, has kindly agreed to come in and speak to the board on how population growth, taxes, school size and school quality affect housing prices. He’ll also be talking about current trends in housing and how they might affect our community.

New Board Members Elected for 2017

The PWCA held its annual board election last Wednesday, November 9th. The officers and directors for 2017 are:

President: David Smith
President-Elect: Justin Davis
Treasurer: Stephen Fenning
Secretary: Nicole Lubiski

New Directors elected to 2 year terms ending in November 2018:
David Barrett
Stacy Gavin
Ben Meyer
Tannia Schreiber
Chuck Scott
Shelby Sparrow

Existing Directors elected in November 2015 to 2 year terms ending in November 2017:
Avri Dub
Vincenzo Nelli
Sharon Weinstein

Sergeant-at-Arms (title automatically granted to our local Commissioner)
Rick Churchill

Lower Merion School District Meeting Regarding Enrollment Growth – Monday, November 14th

There will be an informational meeting of the Lower Merion School District on Monday, November 14th at 6:30pm in the Administration Building Board Room, 301 East Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore.

This will be a very important meeting in regards to the ongoing discussion of school population growth and how to handle it. The results of two independently conducted enrollment studies will be presented at the meeting. Discussion of the results and how they affect the District’s decision making will occur at a subsequent meeting to be held at a later date.

New Reporting App from Lower Merion Township

Lower Merion Township has launched a new smartphone app for residents called “LM Report-It,” which allows residents to easily report NON-EMERGENCY problems in Lower Merion – such as potholes, vandalism, sidewalk obstructions and trash – and for these smart reports (including photo and GPS location) to be automatically sent to the Township for systematized and prioritized resolution. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

You can see more details at

Thank you to our sponsors and volunteers

The Penn Wynne Civic Association would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the 2016 Parade and Carnival a huge success!

Our Sponsors

Our Community Service Award Winner Bill Powell, representing the PW Library

Our Grand Marshal Lisa Healy

Our Judges: PW Elementary Secretary Joanne Suozzi, PW Elementary School Librarian Mrs. Curley, PW Library Head Librarian Judy Soret

Our Commissioner Rick Churchill

Our Band: Josh Dunaief, Dalia Weinstein, and Kris Alutius

The Lower Merion Police who closed off the streets for our parade

The Penn Wynne-Overbrook Hills Fire Company for hosting our parade registration and leading off the parade

Penn Wynne Presbyterian Church for loaning us tables and chairs for the carnival

Lower Merion Park & Rec and Director Donna Heller

Larry Highblume for escorting our Grand Marshall in his awesome convertible

Breen & Judy Rourke for trucking the band

Our Volunteers: Marti Berk, Helena and Steve Cochrane, Avri Dub, Josh and Rachel Dunaief, Stephen Fenning, Stacy Gavin, Barbara Green, Tracy Haslett, Lisa Healy, Nicole and Ken Lubiski, Robert Martin III, Marci Rubin, Tannia Schrieber, Chuck, Chika and Lucas Scott, David Smith, Judy Soret, Shelby and Frank Sparrow, Dan, Sharon and Sophia Weinstein

Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who joined the celebration!